UK Food Waste: The Statistics

At Catersave Europe it is our goal to help businesses in the catering industry become more efficient through our range of innovative products and machines, designed specifically for use in catering environments. One commonly recurring headache for many of our clients is the amount of food waste they produce, and what to do with it.

Food Waste in the Hospitality and Food Service Industry

In the UK every year some 3,415,000 tonnes of food waste is produced by the food service industry alone. Whilst some of this waste could supposedly be salvaged with better storage, preparation and portioning practices amongst food service professionals, this still leaves the question of what to do with the sheer volume of waste materials, especially with spaces at landfill sites filling up fast.

Other revealing statistics include:

  • 7.2 million tons per year produced by UK households
  • 600,000 tons of waste food from restaurants alone
  • A number of prominent UK restaurants have already stated that this level of food waste can account for as much as 2-3% of their overall expenses.
  • 17 million tons of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases released as a direct result of food waste on landfill sites

If you extend these statistics to include the EU as a whole, the problem is even clearer; for example, in 2010 alone an estimated 89 million tonnes of food waste was produced, and it is estimated that this figure could rise to 129 million tonnes by 2020 (this figure includes both commercial and domestic food waste).

Food Waste Processors

We are always amazed by the amount of food waste that is produced in the UK every year, much of which is still usable in one form or another and is instead sent to rot on landfill sites around the country. As well as representing a huge financial loss, this also causes environmental problems due to the slow release of greenhouse gases like methane.

One possible solution to this problem is making use of technology such as Catersave’s food waste processors, which vastly reduces the amount of food waste produced by between 80% and 90% in most cases. Our machines are designed to speed up the natural decomposition process that waste would otherwise go through in landfill, removing excess moisture quickly and reducing the overall volume of waste significantly.

If you are interested in reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill, get in touch with our sales team on 0800 644 44 24 or send us an enquiry.

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