Food Waste Processors

Save £1,000′s every year with these waste food processors and reduce your food waste overnight by up to 93%


The Catersave Food Waste Dry Dehydration system (FWDD), turbo-charges the food waste decomposition process through accelerated dehydration and agitation, reducing the original waste volume by between 80 and 93%.

Food Waste Processors

At Catersave Europe our range of Food Waste Processors allow you to cut down on waste send to landfill and reduce your overall carbon footprint, in a number of important ways. You are able to reduce transportation costs or ‘waste miles’ and also to achieve supply chain requirements of zero waste to landfill. This means that you will lower your overall CO₂ emissions and reduce your impact on the environment.

Commercial Waste Food ProcessorThe 50kg Commerical Processor (BB50)

  • 50kgs of food waste reduced by up to 90%
  • 11 hours processing time
  • Processes up to 50kgs of food waste daily
  • Processes all kinds of bones and shells
  • Easy installation
  • Space saving design
  • Perfect for large restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and workplaces

The 100kg Commerical Processor (BB100)

  • Commercial Waste Food Processors100kgs of food waste reduced by up to 90%
  • Processes 100kgs of food waste daily
  • 12 hours processing time
  • Processes all kinds of bones and shells
  • Easy installation
  • Patented crushing system
  • Perfect for large schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and isolated
    catering operations, such as: on cruise ships, oil rigs, and military posts
Model HGF700ML Sasebo, Japan

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