Cutlery Polishers

Our Range of Cutlery Polisher Machines

Improve staff efficiency with the latest cutlery polishing technology. See below to browse our selection of machines.

Cutlery Polishers

At CaterSave Europe, UK-based provider of leading glass and cutlery polishing technology, we believe in efficiency above all. We have a range of machines designed specifically for polishing cutlery to a consistently high standard.

Our products have quickly become indispensable items in restaurants, bars, hotels and eateries throughout the UK. We offer several different models that can be adapted to suit the needs of different establishments, covering both smaller eateries and large, busy restaurants. This means that we can provide the ideal cutlery polishing machine to suit your requirements, available at a price that is highly competitive with the industry.

We believe in quality, and our appliances are built to reflect this. We ensure that our products are durable and hard-wearing, and provide a consistent clean every time.

CaterSave Europe’s range of cutlery polishers includes the popular Model 3500 side-loading portable unit. This model is designed for businesses with limited space, and is ideal for any hotel or restaurant that serves 400 covers a day.

Alternatively, for larger hospitality businesses, especially those that serve over 400 covers a day, the larger Model 7000 machine would be more suitable. With a larger capacity, the 7000 is highly efficient, and has wheel mobility for easy access and storing away under a worktop.

For dried, polished and sterilised utensils, look no further than CaterSave Europe’s commercial cutlery polishers. Get in touch with our friendly customer service team for more information on any of our products.

Model 3500

The most popular model in our polisher range, these side-loading portable cutlery polishing machines are perfect for restaurants and hotels etc.

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Model 7000

This mid sized side-loading and side-dispensing polisher is the big brother of the 2000 model.

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