Optimise your staff and on-site facilities

At Catersave Europe, our focus is on providing the most advanced machines and technology available for the catering market today, offering value for money on a range of items perfectly suited for hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. This is not simply a matter of technical expertise, however – we actively communicate with all levels of the catering establishment, and it is this communication with our customer base that drives improvements in our products and services.

Our glass polisher machines and equipment are just one example of an innovative, easy to use device that can greatly increase the productivity of catering staff. One of the most consistent complaints both proprietors and staff told us was how much time they spent polishing glassware to a presentable, uniform standard, and their experience taught them just how much attention customers pay to presentation.

Our Model 500 mini glass polisher is capable of polishing a diverse range of glass types, from wine and pint glasses to champagne flutes and increasingly popular branded glasses. A common obstacle faced by catering establishments is tall, sleek, delicate glasses that are difficult to polish to a high standard by hand – our glass polisher can do the job in a fraction of the time without risking glass breakage.

In the past, one of the main criticisms of glass polishing equipment has been that they have been large, bulky and noisy, proving a distraction to both staff and guests. Glass polishers such as the Model 500 and as others supplied by Catersave Europe have a compact design and can be conveniently fitted onto table tops or in a quiet corner of the bar or kitchen area.

In addition, our machines are able to wash hygienically and at low temparatures, with the end product being a crystal clear, smear free and uniformly clean set of glassware, ready for use in minutes.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glass polishers, we have seen first-hand just how useful our machines can be in saving time and freeing up the in-house catering team to take care of other tasks. When it comes to constructing your ideal kitchen or catering establishment, make this an essential item, saving you time in the short run and a great deal of expense in the long term.

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