Model 500

If your team are still hand polishing glasses then this is another way you could be losing money through excess staff costs. Our Model 500 mini glass polisher is a unique piece of technology with air blown buffers that actually dry from the top down to ensure sparklingly clean glasses after every operation. Compact but effective, this tabletop model is ideal for bars, restaurants and cafes.

By using CaterSave Europe’s innovative glass polishing machines, not only will your staff thank you for taking them away from repetitive glass polishing tasks, but your cleaner and more hygienic glasses will also delight your customers.


How It Works

After washing glasses as usual, place one glass at a time over the central buffer. This and the four surrounding buffers then spin while warm air is circulated over them, fully drying and polishing the glasses inside and out in just seconds. In a unique innovation, the buffers dry from the top down – meaning all moisture is dried more efficiently and the brushes are kept dry while you operate the polisher.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity: up to 300 glasses an hour
  • The ability to polish all types of glasses, from pints to champagne flutes
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance, with easy change buffers
  • A hygienic germicidal lamp to kill harmful bacteria
  • The capability to dry and polish glasses inside and out with minimal breakages
  • Low noise operation for a pleasant working environment
  • Size: 330 mm x 300 mm x 540 mm
  • Voltage: 220/240 volt
  • Power: 600 watt