Q – How do I change the granulate?

A – This is very simple, with a vacuum cleaner remove all the old granulate making sure you remove it all. Then replace the lid turn on the machine and pour in the pre-measured bag through the entry chute. To order granulate please call 01322 867790.

Q – My Cutlery Polisher keeps jamming.

A – This is normally caused by placing too many pieces of cutlery into the machine at one go. We recommend that you place six to seven pieces every five seconds into the machine.

It also may be a piece of cutlery that is jammed inside. Please look inside to see if there is a piece of cutlery lodged inside. But please be aware that there are heating elements inside and you should not place your hands inside. If in doubt call our service department on 01322 867790 and we can arrange for an engineer to rectify the problem.

Q – How do I wash the brushes on my Glass Polisher?

A – We recommend that you hand wash the brushes in warm water using washing powder detergent, not too hot as it may damage the tubing. Rinse well and leave to drip dry overnight. In the morning place on the machine and run for 30-45 minutes to complete the drying.

Q – Where do I get replacement granulate and brushes from?

A – Simply call our Customer help line on 01322 867790 to organise a delivery.