CaterSave Europe Shortlisted As Finalist

CaterSave Europe is shortlisted as a finalist in the Casual Dining Innovation Challenge Award announced at the Casual Dining Show on Thursday 27 February 2014.

The innovation award celebrates truly innovative ideas in the casual dining market. CaterSave Europe showcased its cutting-edge cutlery polishers designed to increase the productivity of polishing cutlery.

This task is currently done by hand at a rate of approximately 400 pieces per hour. With CaterSave Europe’s entry model you can increase this to 3000 pieces, with the larger machine polishing 7000 pieces per hour.

The operation is very simple and will save businesses time and money. Operatives simply wash the cutlery as normal and then place the clean wet cutlery into the machine. Granulate dries the cutlery instantly, it spends 30 seconds being polished passing under a UV lamp it emerges ready for the table.

If you are looking to improve staff efficiency and increase customer satisfaction with the latest cutlery polishing machines, we have a solution for you.

Come and see us at one of the many events we are attending this year, where we will also be showcasing the new glass frosting machine.

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