CaterSave Europe Launches New Food Waste Processor

At CaterSave Europe, we never stop looking for new ways and new products that help catering organisations become more efficient, and it is this approach that keeps us at the forefront of developments in the market today. It is for that reason that we have launched our new food waste processor, a cutting edge waste disposal system that can contribute enormously towards reducing the cost of food waste.

As with all our products, our new food waste processor is designed for ease of use and convenience, which means that it can be set up in commercial kitchens and food preparation environments without disrupting staff and procedures. The processor is designed to be used in businesses throughout the UK, which means that as well as complying with the new food health and safety legislation in Scotland it anticipates the proposed changes to regulations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our aim is to help you and your team work more productively, and by utilising our new food waste processor you can successfully cut the mass of food waste that you produce by up to 90%.

Revolutionary Design Features

Although CaterSave Europe has distributed food waste processors for some time now, the launch of our new machine represents a ground breaking leap forwards for many companies that produce a high volume of food wastage as part of their daily operations. The “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign estimates that over 15 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year, and dealing with this waste can take a significant amount of time, resources and energy away from other areas of a business.

The processor is easy to operate and does all the work for you, in a process as follows:

      Food waste is loaded into the processor (food waste covering different food groups and types can be loaded simultaneously)
      The contents are crushed
      Food waste is then turned and heated, which releases moisture
      Moisture is expelled as pure water through internal drainage systems
      Remaining food waste can be collected and disposed of, either through the relevant food bins or by placing it in a biomass burner

As an added bonus, the compressed biomass can be safely stored inside the processor until your bins are collected. Additional uses for biomass can also include compost or use in an anaerobic digester, which in turn produces heat and electricity for a range of practical applications.

Each food waste processor can handle anything from 50kg to 1000kg of waste food, which offers companies the opportunity to deal effectively with food waste whilst saving a huge amount of time and money, as well as improve their carbon footprint.

For more information call our dedicated CaterSave Europe sales team on 0800 644 44 24.

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