Catersave become Distributors of Shepherd Filters

Catersave Europe is proud to announce that we have become European Distributors for Shepherd Filters, an innovative product that addresses a very serious problem faced by businesses operating in the catering sector.

The Problem

In virtually all commercial kitchens and catering environments, oil and grease builds up in the metal filters and then spreads throughout the hood, canopy and ducts of the system, travelling all the way up to the roofing space in many cases. This build up of grease can lead to fires, downtime and loss of income and takes many of the hours of the week away through regular deep cleaning practices.

The Solution

Shepherd Filters are disposable oil and grease filters that capture up to 98% of airborne grease before it enters the filter exhaust system (standard grease filters only capture 20% due to their low filtration efficiency). The filters are made from Australian Wool which means that they are sustainable, biodegradable and fire retardant. Shepherd Filters are available in all sizes and specifications and can be retrofit to all kitchen exhaust systems.

Shepherd Filters are the ultimate in protection for commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems, are easily installed and can be disposed of along with the rest of your regular rubbish.

The Benefits

  • Fire Protection – by preventing grease build up you can eliminate the cause of many fires in commercial kitchens. Shepherd Filters are made of wool, a naturally fire retardant material.
  • Save Money – reduced labour costs associated with daily or weekly deep cleaning of standard filter systems.
  • Water Savings – reduced consumption of use of water and chemicals associated with regular cleaning.
  • Environmentally Sustainable – Wool is a sustainable resource that is naturally biodegradable, which means that it will break down safely in landfill once disposed of.
  • Easy Installation – Shepherd Filters can be easily installed in-front of your grease kitchen filter. In addition you can easily remove and dispose of your filter in just seconds.

How Often Do I Need To Change my Filter?

This will depend on the type of equipment that you are operating. Guidelines for the replacement of your filters are set out below:

  • Heavy Discharge Items (Char Grills, Wok Tables, Griddle Plates) – 3 – 10 Days
  • Medium Discharge Items (Countertop Units) – 7 – 14 Days
  • Low Discharge Items (Combi Oven, Oven Ranges) – 10 – 30+ Days

How Can I Find Out More?
For more information please visit our Oil and Grease Filters page, send us an email at or contact us on 0333 900 9001.

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