Exactly Why Is Baccarat Under Provisional Administration?

Typically, successful bets around the banker are subject in order to a 5% commission, and the odds offered for tie bets are 8/1. Another game very well-known in Asia adapted to be able to modern casinos’ play, Pai Gow Poker is performed with cards instead regarding the traditional pai gow tiles resembling dominoes.

Sometimes Lou and the other players save their cards, study them in hushed quorums and scrutinize them for information that will provide an edge following time. In addition, according to the bet, baccarat has the lowest house edge associated with any casino game (1. 06 percent on typically the banker side, 1. twenty four percent within the player part, an average of 1 ) 2 percent). That indicates players stand a decent chance of winning—and winning big, if they wager big—though if they carry out so on banker, they will have to pay the 5 percent commission upon the winnings. Baccarat, also sometimes called Baccara, is a banking game accessible in casinos worldwide, and in addition as an online game. The aim of the gamer is to form the hand whose point value is nearer to 9 compared to hand of the banker.

Pip cards depend as face value, photos and tens as zero, and only the last digit of the total matters. In casinos, Baccarat will be traditionally played in a new luxurious Baccarat pit : a sealed-off area guarded by security guards – on a engineered table. Baccarat has the trustworthiness of being the most unique casino game and regarding attracting a lot of high rollers, including Mission impossible himself. Bets on the player plus the banker are paid out at even money. If you have placed your stake around the player hand, for example, and it has the closest in order to nine total card worth, the winnings are simply double the amount you bet.


Initially possible only in land-based casinos, this tantalizing aspect of the game is usually now a part of online games, with the dealer blending the cards of the hand with the greatest wager. The Control Squash version even allows gamers to control the reveal by relaying images onto their screens. The bank hand will win a bit more often — 50. 68 percent of all decisions, not including connections — giving the home its 1. 36 per cent edge on player gambling bets. But the house collects a 5 percent percentage on winning banker bets, ultimately causing the 1. 18 percent house edge about banker. In casinos of which focus on high rollers, baccarat has long been the game regarding the “whales” — typically the highest of the high rollers.

Typically the player creates two online poker hands out of seven cards – a five-card hand and a two-card hand. The aim will be to beat both the dealer’s small and big fingers following standard poker position rules. There are different side bets and alternatives in Pai Gow Online poker like banking against oneself which make it a very entertaining game with 더킹카지노 a low home edge. Thanks to the latest technologies, one of the most well-known rituals of baccarat gives to the immersive experience of real-time games. In Baccarat Squeeze, the playing cards are dealt face-down, plus the second card is compressed and peeled back to be able to reveal just the top or the side.

Cutlery cleaning that caters to your needs

Professional kitchens need to operate efficiently. Every hotel and restaurant owner knows the importance of delivering a swift and quality service to customers. When people are made to wait it can result in bad word of mouth and unflattering online reviews that can damage a business. Therefore, it is beneficial to ensure all staff members are available at all times to deliver the best possible service.

Presentation is equally as important as providing a good service. Glasses and cutlery need to be spotless as streaks and smears can give the impression that the standards of hygiene may be insufficient. If you utilise a staff member for the specific task of polishing cutlery there is always the possibility of error. People can make mistakes and the naked eye can miss blemishes and marks.

Polishing cutlery by hand takes time and in a busy establishment time is of the essence. When staff members are free to take more orders and provide a proficient service it inevitably leads to positive recommendations, repeat business and higher profits.

The use of a cutlery polishing machine can substantially improve the efficiency of a business and it is our aim to help our customers achieve this. Our polishing technology is second to none and we carry a large selection of machines that can meet the diverse needs of multiple businesses. Whatever the size of your restaurant, hotel or eatery we can supply the machine to meet your needs. We offer highly competitive prices and durable products that ensure impeccable results every time. Call our friendly and professional team and allow us to find the right cutlery polishing technology for you.

Catersave become Distributors of Shepherd Filters

Catersave Europe is proud to announce that we have become European Distributors for Shepherd Filters, an innovative product that addresses a very serious problem faced by businesses operating in the catering sector.

The Problem

In virtually all commercial kitchens and catering environments, oil and grease builds up in the metal filters and then spreads throughout the hood, canopy and ducts of the system, travelling all the way up to the roofing space in many cases. This build up of grease can lead to fires, downtime and loss of income and takes many of the hours of the week away through regular deep cleaning practices.

The Solution

Shepherd Filters are disposable oil and grease filters that capture up to 98% of airborne grease before it enters the filter exhaust system (standard grease filters only capture 20% due to their low filtration efficiency). The filters are made from Australian Wool which means that they are sustainable, biodegradable and fire retardant. Shepherd Filters are available in all sizes and specifications and can be retrofit to all kitchen exhaust systems.

Shepherd Filters are the ultimate in protection for commercial kitchen exhaust filtration systems, are easily installed and can be disposed of along with the rest of your regular rubbish.

The Benefits

  • Fire Protection – by preventing grease build up you can eliminate the cause of many fires in commercial kitchens. Shepherd Filters are made of wool, a naturally fire retardant material.
  • Save Money – reduced labour costs associated with daily or weekly deep cleaning of standard filter systems.
  • Water Savings – reduced consumption of use of water and chemicals associated with regular cleaning.
  • Environmentally Sustainable – Wool is a sustainable resource that is naturally biodegradable, which means that it will break down safely in landfill once disposed of.
  • Easy Installation – Shepherd Filters can be easily installed in-front of your grease kitchen filter. In addition you can easily remove and dispose of your filter in just seconds.

How Often Do I Need To Change my Filter?

This will depend on the type of equipment that you are operating. Guidelines for the replacement of your filters are set out below:

  • Heavy Discharge Items (Char Grills, Wok Tables, Griddle Plates) – 3 – 10 Days
  • Medium Discharge Items (Countertop Units) – 7 – 14 Days
  • Low Discharge Items (Combi Oven, Oven Ranges) – 10 – 30+ Days

How Can I Find Out More?
For more information please visit our Oil and Grease Filters page, send us an email at sales@catersaveeurope.com or contact us on 0333 900 9001.

Hotelympia Trade Show 2016

Earlier this year, Catersave Europe were proud to take part in the bi-annual Hotelympia, a four day trade show exhibiting the innovative products, methods and trends within the UK catering industry. Taking place from 29th February – 3rd March 2016, this year’s event received more than 26,000 visitors over that time, all looking for the latest innovations within the catering and hospitality sector.

As the UK’s largest and most prominent food service and hospitality event, Hotelympia is attended by top professionals and business owners and is the perfect place to find some inspiration or new ideas to improve any catering organisation.
This year, visitors to the Catersave Europe Ltd Trade Stand could sample our latest catering products and innovations, including our range of behind the bar devices aimed to save time and make life easier for catering staff. This included live demonstrations of our cutlery polishers, glass polishers and food waste processor equipment, all of which were eagerly reviewed by top industry professionals.

We also took this opportunity to introduce one of our latest products: our very own innovative odour management system, designed for use in hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes and other catering establishments. For many of these organisations, endemic nuisance smells emitted from ventilation and ducting systems are a real problem, affecting both established sites and prospective businesses seeking planning permission.

Our new odour management system is dispensed directly into the ducting and acts directly by actually destroying the molecules that are cause of foul smelling odours. The entire process takes just 1-2 seconds and turns odour into gaseous salts which are completely odour free.

We expect our new odour management system to be launched in full to our customers in the next two months, so keep watching this space for further updates.

In the meantime, check out our current range of catering innovations on our website or visit us on the road at our next engagement!

4 Reasons to Recycle Food Waste

A problem for many businesses in the catering industry is one of food waste, seen by many as simply an inevitable by-product of the day to day operations of restaurants, cafes and pubs. This is true, of course – catering to the public will always produce food waste in one form or another.

However, what is little known or understood is the sheer volume of food waste that is produced in the UK, or the impact that this has on the wider world.

At Catersave Europe we understand that catering establishments up and down the country face enough pressure on a day to day basis already, without having to change their organisational structure to make the extra effort to recycle.

So, why exactly should catering establishments recycle?

  1. To Save Money – freely available landfill is being used up in the UK and space is becoming more difficult to find. As Landfill spaces become increasingly scarce the cost of dumping waste here will increase; the UK government has already confirmed that it intends to increase the rate of landfill tax by £8 per ton every year.
  2. To Help the Environment – As food waste breaks down in landfill sites it releases a number of pollutants including methane, a harmful greenhouse gas.
  3. To make the most of a valuable resource – food waste can be used for practical purposes in a variety of applications, such as biofuel and biofertiliser.
  4. To stay one step ahead of upcoming legislation – changes to UK legislation in the near future will make it mandatory for all UK businesses to recycle food waste.

Clearly there are a number of benefits that restaurants and catering establishments can tap into simply by recycling more of their food waste. Given the need of businesses in the catering industry to cut costs and increase efficiency, this is an area where many restaurants could seek to improve their practices and benefit both financially and from an environmental perspective.

Our food waste processors are the ideal way to cut down on the volume of food waste produced in commercial kitchens, without requiring drastic changes to employee work patterns.

Contact us for more information.

UK Food Waste: The Statistics

At Catersave Europe it is our goal to help businesses in the catering industry become more efficient through our range of innovative products and machines, designed specifically for use in catering environments. One commonly recurring headache for many of our clients is the amount of food waste they produce, and what to do with it.

Food Waste in the Hospitality and Food Service Industry

In the UK every year some 3,415,000 tonnes of food waste is produced by the food service industry alone. Whilst some of this waste could supposedly be salvaged with better storage, preparation and portioning practices amongst food service professionals, this still leaves the question of what to do with the sheer volume of waste materials, especially with spaces at landfill sites filling up fast.

Other revealing statistics include:

  • 7.2 million tons per year produced by UK households
  • 600,000 tons of waste food from restaurants alone
  • A number of prominent UK restaurants have already stated that this level of food waste can account for as much as 2-3% of their overall expenses.
  • 17 million tons of CO₂ equivalent greenhouse gases released as a direct result of food waste on landfill sites

If you extend these statistics to include the EU as a whole, the problem is even clearer; for example, in 2010 alone an estimated 89 million tonnes of food waste was produced, and it is estimated that this figure could rise to 129 million tonnes by 2020 (this figure includes both commercial and domestic food waste).

Food Waste Processors

We are always amazed by the amount of food waste that is produced in the UK every year, much of which is still usable in one form or another and is instead sent to rot on landfill sites around the country. As well as representing a huge financial loss, this also causes environmental problems due to the slow release of greenhouse gases like methane.

One possible solution to this problem is making use of technology such as Catersave’s food waste processors, which vastly reduces the amount of food waste produced by between 80% and 90% in most cases. Our machines are designed to speed up the natural decomposition process that waste would otherwise go through in landfill, removing excess moisture quickly and reducing the overall volume of waste significantly.

If you are interested in reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill, get in touch with our sales team on 0800 644 44 24 or send us an enquiry.

CaterSave Europe Launches New Food Waste Processor

At CaterSave Europe, we never stop looking for new ways and new products that help catering organisations become more efficient, and it is this approach that keeps us at the forefront of developments in the market today. It is for that reason that we have launched our new food waste processor, a cutting edge waste disposal system that can contribute enormously towards reducing the cost of food waste.

As with all our products, our new food waste processor is designed for ease of use and convenience, which means that it can be set up in commercial kitchens and food preparation environments without disrupting staff and procedures. The processor is designed to be used in businesses throughout the UK, which means that as well as complying with the new food health and safety legislation in Scotland it anticipates the proposed changes to regulations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our aim is to help you and your team work more productively, and by utilising our new food waste processor you can successfully cut the mass of food waste that you produce by up to 90%.

Revolutionary Design Features

Although CaterSave Europe has distributed food waste processors for some time now, the launch of our new machine represents a ground breaking leap forwards for many companies that produce a high volume of food wastage as part of their daily operations. The “Love Food Hate Waste” campaign estimates that over 15 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year, and dealing with this waste can take a significant amount of time, resources and energy away from other areas of a business.

The processor is easy to operate and does all the work for you, in a process as follows:

      Food waste is loaded into the processor (food waste covering different food groups and types can be loaded simultaneously)
      The contents are crushed
      Food waste is then turned and heated, which releases moisture
      Moisture is expelled as pure water through internal drainage systems
      Remaining food waste can be collected and disposed of, either through the relevant food bins or by placing it in a biomass burner

As an added bonus, the compressed biomass can be safely stored inside the processor until your bins are collected. Additional uses for biomass can also include compost or use in an anaerobic digester, which in turn produces heat and electricity for a range of practical applications.

Each food waste processor can handle anything from 50kg to 1000kg of waste food, which offers companies the opportunity to deal effectively with food waste whilst saving a huge amount of time and money, as well as improve their carbon footprint.

For more information call our dedicated CaterSave Europe sales team on 0800 644 44 24.

Optimise your staff and on-site facilities

At Catersave Europe, our focus is on providing the most advanced machines and technology available for the catering market today, offering value for money on a range of items perfectly suited for hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. This is not simply a matter of technical expertise, however – we actively communicate with all levels of the catering establishment, and it is this communication with our customer base that drives improvements in our products and services.

Our glass polisher machines and equipment are just one example of an innovative, easy to use device that can greatly increase the productivity of catering staff. One of the most consistent complaints both proprietors and staff told us was how much time they spent polishing glassware to a presentable, uniform standard, and their experience taught them just how much attention customers pay to presentation.

Our Model 500 mini glass polisher is capable of polishing a diverse range of glass types, from wine and pint glasses to champagne flutes and increasingly popular branded glasses. A common obstacle faced by catering establishments is tall, sleek, delicate glasses that are difficult to polish to a high standard by hand – our glass polisher can do the job in a fraction of the time without risking glass breakage.

In the past, one of the main criticisms of glass polishing equipment has been that they have been large, bulky and noisy, proving a distraction to both staff and guests. Glass polishers such as the Model 500 and as others supplied by Catersave Europe have a compact design and can be conveniently fitted onto table tops or in a quiet corner of the bar or kitchen area.

In addition, our machines are able to wash hygienically and at low temparatures, with the end product being a crystal clear, smear free and uniformly clean set of glassware, ready for use in minutes.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of glass polishers, we have seen first-hand just how useful our machines can be in saving time and freeing up the in-house catering team to take care of other tasks. When it comes to constructing your ideal kitchen or catering establishment, make this an essential item, saving you time in the short run and a great deal of expense in the long term.

CaterSave Europe Shortlisted As Finalist

CaterSave Europe is shortlisted as a finalist in the Casual Dining Innovation Challenge Award announced at the Casual Dining Show on Thursday 27 February 2014.

The innovation award celebrates truly innovative ideas in the casual dining market. CaterSave Europe showcased its cutting-edge cutlery polishers designed to increase the productivity of polishing cutlery.

This task is currently done by hand at a rate of approximately 400 pieces per hour. With CaterSave Europe’s entry model you can increase this to 3000 pieces, with the larger machine polishing 7000 pieces per hour.

The operation is very simple and will save businesses time and money. Operatives simply wash the cutlery as normal and then place the clean wet cutlery into the machine. Granulate dries the cutlery instantly, it spends 30 seconds being polished passing under a UV lamp it emerges ready for the table.

If you are looking to improve staff efficiency and increase customer satisfaction with the latest cutlery polishing machines, we have a solution for you.

Come and see us at one of the many events we are attending this year, where we will also be showcasing the new glass frosting machine.