Why CaterSave Europe?

Need sparkling glasses and cutlery every time? Want to save money on staffing costs and have happier customers and employees? Browse our range of high quality glass polishers, cutlery polishers and glass frosting machines.

Managing professional catering budgets is hard enough without wasting time and money on hand polishing glasses and cutlery. Your staff could be better used elsewhere.

Cutlery Polisher (TUR) Front side imageOur range of glass polishers will ensure you have sparkling glasses every time, and along with our cutlery polisher products and glass frosters, will not only ensure you get sparkling glasses, kitchen equipment and kitchen utensils every time, but will also give your staff an easier job and make your customers happier as well.

CaterSave Europe was established to provide high quality labour saving equipment to the catering trade, and we’re committed to the continuous development of our product range. We supply glass polisher and cutlery polisher appliances to suit the size and budget requirements of every business.

Backed by a passionate and dedicated team to provide full training, servicing and support with all our machines, you can rest assured that when you choose our cutlery or glass polishing technology you’ll get perfectly dry and hygienically polished cutlery and glasses, on every occasion our equipment is used.

Glass Polisher Front (on with hand)psdOn this website you can browse our range of polishing machine products, calculate the savings you could make by using our machines, and find out where you can meet our team at various catering events and exhibitions over the coming months.

If you already know the type of glass polisher, cutlery polisher or glass froster appliance you require, please click here to arrange a free demonstration or call now on 0333 900 9001 or 01322 867790.