Catersave Europe specialise in supplying high quality labour saving equipment for restaurants, hotels and many other catering outlets throughout the UK.

Since 2008, we’ve been instrumental in helping all sorts of catering and hospitality establishments get their staff away from the dull and repetitive tasks of polishing and cleaning glassware and cutlery, and onto more customer focused roles. This allows them to save a great deal of time as well as improving their business profile.

Our glass and cutlery polisher machines are built to last, having been designed to function at their very best in a busy kitchen or commercial environment. This means that you can rely on them to stand the pace of an intense situation. Our compact machines can be trusted to fit away into a quiet corner of the room, allowing your staff to carry out their duties without disruption.

Catersave Europe does much more than simply provide these appliances, however – our aftersales service means that we stick with our clients, maintaining their machines and building long term relationships based on their individual requirements.

If you are looking to improve hygiene in your catering establishment, maintain high standards of efficiency and save time, Catersave Europe is the place for you!